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Try our new Travel App!

Earlybird 2022 bookings are in full swing in our office.  Booking your holiday early gives you the best choice of Flights, Tours, Cruises and Accommodation.  So we are offering a gift for those who book their 2022 holiday early!!  Read on…. 

Did you know that those who travelled with us since 2019 have used our Travel App!  Our travellers  LOVE the Travel App we have with YOUR holiday loaded up ready to view on a phone or tablet anywhere!!  

Keen to try out the App on a large trip - Brigitte travelled for 5 weeks in Europe, and didn’t open her paper itinerary once while travelling!!  She could easily access her flights, accommodation, tour information and vouchers and even contact phone numbers all in the one place!
So what are the features of this Travel APP? 
  • Easy access on phone or tablet - online or even offline
  • Flights automatically update, with any schedule changes
  • Flight progress and holiday plans are easily shared and viewable for those back home
  • Messaging our office and other group members
  • Our office can update any itinerary changes as you travel
  • Easy access to flights, accommodation, tour and cruise information and vouchers
  • Easy phonecalls (eg: transfer companies) – ring at a click of a button
  • Live links provided to Google maps for hotel, rental car, tour meeting points etc
  • You can even opt to have your holiday ‘paper free’ – great for the environment!
  • Super EASY to use on phone or tablet
So we have our own supercharged 4400mAh “Memories Connection” Powerbank.  We want you to enjoy both our App and our special technology gift when you travel in 2022.

What is a Powerbank?  It is a backup battery for your phone or tablet to top up power on the GO! (extra handy when using our App, or taking lots of photos which drains the battery on your phone or tablet)

So receive a 1 Powerbank per person**  when you book your 2022 holiday* with us by Tuesday 30 November 2021. 
Contact Brigitte to get your 2022 holiday planning underway. 
* Each Holiday needs at least 2 components. e.g: flights, accommodation, cruise, tour rental car, travel insurance, day sightseeing tour.
** 1 Powerbank gift per Adult; Or if preferred - choose an alternative gift from our ‘gift bag’ eg: Travel First Aid Kit, Passport Cover, Luggage Strap, travel sized sanitiser etc. Gift given at time of trip departure. 
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