Brigitte recently had success at the NZ Travel Brokers Annual Awards winning:

  • Globus Family of Brands -Top 10 Nationwide - Super Tour (2019 and 2020)  
  • Top 5 Teams - NZ Travel Brokers Nationwide (2018) 
  • Most Improved Sales GO Holidays (2018) 
  • Most Improved Seller Cruise World (2018) 
  • NZ Travel Brokers Special Achievement Award - awarded in recognition of Australasia Avis Scholarship (2017)
  • High Achiever Group (2017,2015)
  • NZ Travel Brokers Top Seller for 1 Cover Travel Insurance (2017, 2015)
  • Top 10 Brokers Nationwide - Awarded 10th Place (out of 142 Brokers) (2016) 
  • NZ Travel Brokers 5th Top Seller QBE Travel Insurance (2016)
  • NZ Travel Brokers Top Seller for Globus Family of Brands (2015)
  • NZ Travel Brokers Rookie of the Year Award (2014)
  • NZ Travel Brokers Joint Marketer of the Year Award (2014)
  • Air New Zealand Broker of the Year - Placed 4th (2014)


Customer Comments

"I have booked travel with Brigitte on several other occasions, I feel more comfortable with someone I am familiar with. She has always has my best interests at heart and gets the best deals"

"Ok - you could say I'm the biased sister-in-law, but I can honestly say (and I've done a bit of travel) that Brigitte is a brilliant Travel Broker - efficient, thorough, listens to and is conscious of the wants and needs of individuals, budget sensitive, covers the finer details, gives fantastic ideas etc, thinks of everything (I tell you - she doesn't miss a beat). You can go off on your holiday feeling relaxed and confident."

"Brigitte takes all the hassle out of booking trips for me. She has the resources to get the best connections and price plus taking into considerations difficulty of short notice travel and with a bike."

“Brigitte gave me the confidence to take on a real adventure”

“Brigitte really was incredible at overseeing my entire journey, covering 4.5 months, and numerous countries across almost every continent (not to mention the limited time before hand to prepare for it!). While I was away, she’d respond almost instantly, despite time differences, and was prepared to help. Which, thanks to her incredible planning, was only a couple of times (An airline losing my suitcase is really out of her hands!). Thank you Brigitte! You really made my entire trip all the more incredible, stress-free, and secure. I don't know how I could ever repay you!”


Recent Customer Satisfaction Survey

Recently Brigitte sent a Survey to gain valuable Customer Feedback on different aspects of her Service and to gauge Customer Satisfaction.  She's had over 155 people respond so far, and here are what her customers are saying:

1. Why did you choose Brigitte NZ Travel Brokers to book your last holiday?

  • Attention to Detail
  • Service
  • Professional
  • Knowledge


"Arranged through a friend who had used Brigitte in the past and was impressed by her knowledge and communication skills."

"I always feel relaxed about travel and at ease with everything. Brigitte takes care of it all. :)"


2. How helpful and knowledgeable does Brigitte seem to you?

  • 98% of respondents said Extremely helpful and knowledgeable or Very helpful and knowledgeable


3. How satisfied are you with the Travel Documentation you receive?

  • 98% of respondents said “Very Satisfied”


"Great to deal with the same person from beginning to end."

"I like the relationships she builds with her clients."

"This is the first time travelled, but I wouldn’t go anywhere else she is great."

"Have not booked through others for a long time as find Brigitte friendly, helpful and professional - so cannot compare."


4. What Changes would most improve Brigitte NZ Travel Brokers Service?

  • 93% of respondents said “Don’t change a thing/Nothing I can think of/Keep doing what you are doing”


5. Overall, how satisfied were you using Brigitte NZ Travel Brokers to book your last holiday?

  • 100% of respondents said extremely satisfied or very satisfied


6. How likely are you to book your next holiday with Brigitte?

  • 96% of respondents said extremely likely or very likely


7. How likely are you to recommend Brigitte NZ Travel Brokers to family and friends?

  • 98% of respondents said extremely likely or very likely


8. Further comments

"Fabulous service, friendly and accommodating and always great coffee. :)"
"First time used - extremely impressed."
"Thank you for the wonderful job you do and all the extra details you add in."
"Nothing is ever a problem for Brigitte, and will go out of her way to attempt to satisfy our wants and needs."
"Lovely to deal with, nothings a problem, personable and professional."
"Thank you very much for organizing our holiday you are awesome."


N.B. All of respondents needed to answer all questions except the last one “Further Comments” before they could submit their survey.